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Snake Bite Hickory Hot Sauce

Snake Bite Hickory Hot Sauce


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Snake Bite is what we (used to) refer to as a STB hot sauce. A sauce made from locally grown hot Habanero, Caribbean and Ghost peppers that are formulated (without a recipe) into a Single Time Batch.

Our sister company was kind enough to allow us to re-label one of their great sauces to share with our Gear Head Community!

Tasted and perfected until it is just right!! Like usual, when you create something great tasting, you always forget to write down a recipe! This time we got lucky and were able to re-create this great sauce for our and your enjoyment, and it is sure to burn and kill a few taste buds, however other than heat, it does have great flavor - we would not put it in a bottle if it didn't. Enjoy!

Please be careful with this stuff, it is not for the faint of heart!! Great cooking ingredient for sauces, soups, and stews. Even better to wake up dips, or use right on your favorite steak or burger. This is the Hickory smoked batch - Peppers are slowly smoked (over real hickory), then made into the best damn sauce you have ever tried!


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We cut our templates from the highest quality Vinyl & Vinyl Tint available on the market today. Since we use only the highest quality Vinyl & Vinyl Tint, it carries a six year guarantee, more durable and superior than our competitors cheap Vinyl that starts to degrade in just a few months.

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Care Instructions

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Installing Vinyl should be done in an environment of 70 degrees or warmer using proper methods and tools as outlined in the installation instructions.

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