Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ideal temperature to install vinyl?
Vinyl is best installed in warmer temperatures, we suggest anything warmer than 70 degrees. Even at the warmer temperatures we use a heat gun to make sure that the material ‘conforms’ to the contour of the installation areas easier.

How do I prevent bubbles when installing vinyl?
Bubbles are water and/or air that get ‘trapped’ under the vinyl. Working from the center out and making sure you have the right tools should do the trick! We prefer our yellow flex squeegee for any ‘ wet’ installation as it provides the most amount of pressure without scratching the material.

Will removing vinyl damage my paint?
A properly painted vehicle will have no issues - OEM paint jobs fall in that category.

How soon can I install vinyl after my car is painted?
A 30 day period so that the paint can cure is suggested.

How soon after I install vinyl can I wash my car?
Technically if installed properly you should only have to wait a day or so, but to be on the safe side a week is suggested.

Is it illegal to tint my lights on my car?
Laws vary from state to state - please check your local laws

What tools do I need to install tint/vinyl and where can I find them local to me?
We suggest a microfiber towel, a good quality squeegee and at least a spray bottle (but preferably two - one for installation fluid, one for water). You will be able to find most items at a local craft store and perhaps a Walmart, however the quality of the components will vary - That is why we offer the perfect tools right here on our website. LINK

What can I do If I mess up part of my tint kit?
We are proud to be the only (that we know of) company to offer individual pieces to all of our kits as replacements and do so at a fraction of the cost - a simple inquiry will get you all the information that you need -

What are the tint darkness options that you carry?
On most tint products we offer our ‘darker’ (standard) tint as well as a ‘light’ option. The darker option is the equivalent of 20% window tint and the ‘light’ tint is the approximate equivalent of 50% windows tint.

Can I order a custom decal?
We love custom work and have graphic designers on staff ready to make your idea come to life. In addition to decals we have a complete printing facility that can accommodate stickers, canvas, labels, prints, banners, and clings.

What brand and grade of vinyl are the decals cut in?
We use standard, premium, and super premium vinyl. Oracal, 3M, and Avery are the brands that we select from depending on the application - all well known brands that carry a great 6-12 year guarantee.